Women's Health Services

What is Women's Healthcare?

Women's health is a field covering the numerous health concerns that women face, from reproductive and sexual health to mammograms. Women are also more likely to develop chronic health issues like migraines, arthritis or depression.

It's invaluable to have a doctor that understands women's health. Fortunately, our practice can provide women with individualized, compassionate, and comprehensive medical services.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Periodic Physical Exam
  • Pap Smears & Lab Studies
  • Osteoporosis Evaluation & Treatment
  • Family Planning & Birth Control

Our goal is to provide services for women at any stage of life. From hormone replacement therapy to identifying mental health conditions, we are here for all of your medical needs. We are trained to diagnose, treat and manage conditions to improve quality of life and reduce symptoms. We care for the patient as a whole, ensuring you always get the top medical care you deserve.

Our expert team is also trained to diagnose and treat a full range of health conditions, from a sudden illness to chronic conditions like diabetes, and we work with you for the long-term to help you manage your health day in and day out. We are here for all your health concerns, and can provide women with truly complete healthcare.

Complementing the practice’s family physicians, Ms. Karen Bradfield, W.H.N.P.-BC has a special interest and training in Women’s Health Services.  Additionally, Carrie Green, P.A.-C,  Alix Cottle, F.N.P. and Sharry Malpass, F.N.P are currently accepting female patients.