General Information

Hospital Affiliation

Clinton Medical providers utilize Sampson Regional Medical Center when a patient requires hospitalization. For adults, inpatient care is provided and coordinated by the hospitalist physicians associated with Sampson Regional. Clinton Medical pediatricians and family physicians provide care for our pediatric patients and newborns.


Prescription Refills

Prescription refills are only issued during normal business hours. You should contact your primary care physician’s office for all refills. We ask that you allow a minimum of 48 hours to process your medication request. Also, please do not wait until you have run out of medication to request a refill. Certain narcotic prescriptions must be written by law and cannot called or electronically submitted to your pharmacy. Written prescriptions can be picked up any time during regular business hours. Please be prepared to show a photo ID when picking up prescriptions.

Patient Privacy

It is the standard practice at the Clinton Medical Clinic to protect the privacy of all our patients. Per the guidelines of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, we safeguard personal and health information. Our Notice of Privacy Practices outlines how the practice may use and disclose protected health information. You may download a copy of this notice from the link in the forms section of our website. At your first visit to the practice, you will be given an additional copy of the notice and a receipt acknowledgment will be entered in your electronic health record.

Patient Survey

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